Logo Cascades Benpac

Available in a variety of sizes and customizable , Benpac truly highlights  your product while maximizing shelf space. Equipped with a reclosable lid, it is made with crystal clear PETE comprised of 60% recycled content.

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Logo Cascades Deli-Tray ready to eat

Flawlessly displaying your product, this two-component packaging system combines an EVOK foam tray, made of 25% recycled content, with a crystal clear PETE lid made of 60% recycled content.

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Eko-Sens Bakery

Logo Eko-Sens bakery pastries

Eko-Sens hinged lid containers with press buttons are an innovative design that promotes freshness. The front bridge allows the label to remain in place and makes it easier to read.

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Eko-Sens Sushi

Logo Cascades Eko-Sens Sushi

Equipped with anti-fog, Eko -Sens Sushi offers a clean and sober design that flawlessly showcases your product. Its sturdy hinge prevents the separation of the lid from the bottom and its design allows stable and easy stacking.

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EVOK - Separator

EVOK separators cascades logo

To protect, divide or display a variety of fresh and frozen foods, Cascades EVOK Seperator provides versatile, moisture-resistant and optimized handling for all your packaging needs. 

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EVOK - Grocery

Logo Cascades EVOK Grocery supermarket

EVOK is the first polystyrene food tray in North America made with 25 %recycled material. EVOK meets the environmental expectations of consumers and grocers with its variety of sizes and colors.

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EVOK - Processor

Logo Cascades EVOK Processor supermarket

With 25% recycled content, EVOK trays provide the stiffness and consistency required by a packaging line. In addition to allowing for convenient and easy unstacking, they are compatible with standard packaging equipment and standard over wrap film.

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Fines Herbes

Logo Cascades Fines herbes fines herbs

Fines Herbes is designed to allow the excess humidity produced by the plant to escape while offering superior shelf visibility and enhancing the product’s freshness. Offered in a variety of sizes and designs, it protects and maintains the shape of the herbs. 

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Gusto EVOK

Logo Cascades Gusto Evok

This line of polystyrene foam plates and bowls made of 25% recycled content is suitable for the diversified need. Whether for a backyard barbecue or a special gathering, they are ideal for both hot and cold meals.

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Logo Cascades Integral MAP modified atmosphere packaging

This fresh protein modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) system offers an optimal and extended shelf life. Lid sealable, these high quality barrier trays are made with RPET/PE and can be combined with our absorbent pads.

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Plastichange Green

Logo Plastichange Cascades rouleaux à monnaie

These quick coin wrappers are made in Canada from 100% post-consumer recycled material. Combining strength and performance, they are pre-packaged in distinct colour bags of 10 units and are ready for shelf display.

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Logo Cascades Poul-Tray volaille

This whole chicken tray features an integrated flap that immobilises the chicken’s legs and provides a rotisserie-like appearance. Here is a solution for optimised packaging operations without the steps and costs related to traditional handling. 

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Logo Pro-Zrob Cascades absorband pad tray

The absorbent pads are made of poly on top, an absorbent tissue on the bottom and a fluff-pulp inside, allowing for absorption and liquids retention. An industry staple, they provide superior purge absorption for packaged meats, poultry and sea-food.

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Logo Cascades Ultrafit 4cup carrier

This new generation of four cup carriers boasts an innovative design with outstanding cup holding performance. It is ribbed and easy to handle, with deep retaining cavities that fit 8 to 32 ounce cups. Made of 100% recycled fibers.

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Logo Cascades Ultracell egg trays fillerflats

These egg filler flats are made with 100% recycled fibres and designed for use with high or regular speed denesting equipment. This new generation is engineered with stronger posts, while the larger and deeper pockets seat a greater variety of eggs.

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Logo Cascades Ultratill produce mushroom

Although this fresh produce container is lighter than the ones commonly found on the market, its stand out, perform in addition to be recyclable. Made of 80% postconsumer recycled content, it meets packaging line requirements.

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Logo Cascades Ventilé tomates vented

Vented ensures proper air flow to fresh produce in addition to preserving the product’s integrity. Equipped with a reclosable hinged lid, its snap buttons secure closing and prevent opening throughout the supply chain.  

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Logo Cascades Versatile

This crystal clear rectangular container maximises shelf space. Offered with two different covers, one for exterior fitting and another with a recessed interior, this container provides the flexibility of two presentation options.

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Logo Cascades Versatub noix

Made with 60% recycled content, these crystal-clear containers are round in shape and used for bulk or prepared foods. Available with or without compartments, they can be lid-sealed with a film or with a shrink band.

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