We design and manufacture packaging for fresh foods

The Consumer Products Packaging sector of Cascades Specialty Products Group designs and manufactures packaging for fresh produce that meets the needs of food and fast food markets, including the consumer goods sector.

The company specialises in the manufacturing of trays with or without barriers for the packaging of fresh meats, as well as containers for pastries, fruits and vegetables or bulk food products.  

A wide variety of food packaging

These containers are designed to meet the requirements of meat, poultry and fish plants, bulk food packers, grocery stores, bakeries, poultry and vegetable farms, as well as the fast food industry. Our wide range of trays are either manufactured with polystyrene foam (XPS) made of 50% recycled content, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) made of 100% recycled content, or molded pulp made of 100% recycled content. 

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